Jim Hall

"Australian boxing champ Jim Hall buried in unmarked Neenah grave to protect his bones."

Jim Hall (1868 – 1913), was an Australian middleweight boxer. He won the Australian middleweight title in 1887 before moving to the United States in an attempt to capture the World title from Jack Dempsey. Described by The Milwaukee Journal as “one of the best little fighters that ever lived,” Hall’s career was affected by alcoholism. He was involved in as many fights in bars as in the ring.

Hall was diagnosed with TB and admitted to the charity ward at Cook County Hospital in Chicago. He was caught stealing the personal effects of unclaimed corpses at the nearby morgue, selling them and using the money for alcohol. Thinking he was going to die soon, Hall sold his skeleton to a doctor for $150 and used that money for alcohol, too. He ripped up the contract, punched the doctor, and fled the hospital.

When Hall died of tuberculosis in 1913, his friends buried him in an unmarked grave at Oakhill Cemetery in Neenah, Wis. so that the Chicago doctor would be unable to claim his debt. In 2006, boxing historian Bill Schutte bought a headstone for Hall, engraved with a pair of boxing gloves and the epitaph "Prizefighter."