Mathilda Krueger

Mathilda Krueger was born in Neenah in 1869, the youngest daughter of A. H. F. Krueger. She grew up on Forest Ave. across from the 3rd Ward (Roosevelt) School.

After attending Nurses School in Chicago she became a surgical nurse at Rush Medical School & Presbyterian Hospital. She left there to be a nurse on horseback in rural South Carolina and later became superintendent of a nursing school in Detroit. She turned down an offer to return to Neenah to become director of Theda Clark Hospital but instead went to Columbia University to earn a degree in public health.

When World War I came, she volunteered to lead the first contingent of American nurses to Europe. Arriving in Serbia in 1914, she tended to wounded soldiers in a filthy hospital converted from a tobacco factory. The only stove was used to sterilize instruments.

She returned briefly to Neenah after the war, then married a Chicago doctor and served as his nurse. She later returned again to Neenah, where she died at age 78.