Neenah Notables

Many remarkable and noteworthy persons have called Neenah Home over the years. Here are the stories of just a few:

EFFIE WALLER SMITH: Early 20th Century African American Poet.

ETHWELL "EDDY" HANSON: Musician and radio personality. Composer of Wisconsin's official State Waltz.

GEORGE EDWIN BERGSTROM: Chief architect and designer of the Pentagon.

HOWARD HAWKS: Noted movie director.

JIM HALL: Boxing champ fled to Neenah to prevent doctor from collecting his bones.

C.B. MANVILLE: Neenah photographer changed careers and became a multimillionaire.

MARCUS LEE HANSEN: Pulitzer Prize winning historian.

HARRISON REED: Neenah founder becomes governor of Florida.

MATHILDA KRUEGER: "Neenah's Florence Nightengale."

ARTHUR SHATTUCK: World-renowned concert pianist.

Neenah Joint School District Hall of Fame

In 2015 The Neenah Joint School District introduced the Neenah Joint School District Hall of Fame.  From the NJSD website, "It is the mission of the NJSD Hall of Fame to recognize Neenah students, alumni, staff and others who have distinguished themselves through athletic, academic and artistic pursuits, by contributions to their profession or field of study, in their service to the NJSD, and through important contributions to their community. By honoring these fine people, the NJSD Hall of Fame hopes to inspire current Neenah students in every facet of their young lives."

Please visit the NJSD webpage to learn about these remarkable individuals who have been inducted into the Neenah Hall of Fame.

The 2018 Neenah Joint School District Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is available on the NJSD YouTube channel. The Neenah Historical Society helped to induct Dr. Emma Jaeck. To hear more about Dr. Emma Jaeck’s life, please watch the video (her story is the second one presented). To view, click here: